i am out of the loop… or what?

Since I have been unemployeed and at home, I feel left out of a lot of things.  Don’t get me wrong… I am very busy and my time in front of a computer is much less these days.  I’ve been enjoying the time with the kids and my wife so that’s a great thing.  But I’ve had some eye-opening experiences.

First, I feel left out.  When something classic or really funny makes it around the office, it’s great.  But since I’ve been out of that loop, I’m missing on some stuff, (realistically, am I really?):

And there are various Youtube and Google videos that I feel like I am missing out on.  What’s the next, greatest Internet meme? I think what I am really missing, is the people I used to work with.  I wish I could spend more time with them since I still consider them my best friends.  *sniff sniff*

But seriously.  I am on the computer way less than I used to be so I guess it is conceivable I am going through some sort of withdrawal.

2 thoughts on “i am out of the loop… or what?

  1. Well, you’re sorely missed! Still haven’t made it out to ATL permanently, and frankly I haven’t been out for a visit even since the “Great Upheaval”. I think the best thing you can do with your time is keep writing, especially on technical subjects that are germane to your “next” gig. I’ve been cranking out the articles lately, and having fun doing it.

    Let me tell you, it ain’t the same, and you’re one of the good guys that make me say that!

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