Official Mio Map Updates…. finally!

It’s all over the forums, yet some details are still to be decided:

Question: How often do you update your maps and how are they made available to customers?

Limited Time Offer!

Mio DigiWalker™ C310x Map Update

As our way of saying “thank you” to those people who helped put Mio Technology on the map, Mio Technology is offering a special map update promotion to our valued Mio DigiWalker™ C310x users.

This map update will allow you to upgrade the firmware of your C310x device as well as update the map data.

This upgrade will deliver improved road position accuracy, improved “one way street” notifications, newly added streets and addresses, and improved routing in rural areas and more.

For a limited time, Mio DigiWalker C310x owners will be able to receive this special upgrade offer for the special price of $14.95 + $9.95 shipping and handling. This special update pricing will also be available for a limited time at participating Circuit City locations.

Mio Technology will begin taking orders for the C310x map update DVD on July 16, 2007 on the Mio Technology web site, Offer dates and availability details at participating Circuit City locations to be announced soon.

Rumor also has it there is a firmware update, but the debate is if it is an upgrade to Win CE 5 or really just a firmware.  Regardless, $15 is pretty reasonable if you ask me.

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A glimpse into the crystal ball… or “Go, T-Mobile!!!!”

I knew it was coming, and here it is:

T-Mobile USA launches WiFi access for cellphone users

It is only a matter of time before my Wing is able to take advantage of this plan.   Since my Wing has WiFi, I am making SIP calls from it when I’m at home on my WiFi network, talking to my PBX, so why isn’t this far fetched?  Tmobile is rolling out two phones they know will work with this service.  The partnership with Linksys and D-link is to insure a rock solid connection, (IMHO they do make the best routers).  This is really sweet.

Once the tech gets ironed out, I wouldn’t be surprised if they allow other users who can figure it out to take advantage of this plan.   T-Mobile, congratulations on this announcement.

I’ll be curious to see how much news this gets in the US.  If you could use an iPhone on Tmobile via WiFi, would you buy one?

multiple updates on various junk

I’ve been busy. It’s been good and I see progress being made. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, this post is going to be a mini-update to a bunch of stuff I got in the hopper.

Tmobile Wing

Man, I love this thing. Today I put new skins on it, and installed some really great apps. I’ll provide a more detailed post on it. Going from PalmOS to WM6 was painless and easy. I almost don’t even think of it. I miss on flash card program but other than that, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a Palm-based phone.

XMBC on the Xbox

My brother-in-law is really happy with his hacked Xbox. We watched all sorts of international TV this weekend. I found this after poking around. Why hadn’t I found it before?

I found some great games I am playing on my Xbox. ChessMaster was really hard to find:


I am getting a lot of hits on my website for Trixbox related things. I hope you guys are finding it helpful. I’d love to hear some feedback.

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More Tmobile Wing, things

Before I begin, I would like to send some complaints to my friend Brown who not only helped me tune up my rear derailleur on my bike in preparation of this weeks Muddy Buddy, but he also gave me a bottle of wine he made several years ago; it’s excellent! This is only the second home-made wine I’ve had and this is indeed, a special treat.

I couldn’t resist the pun. I’m seeing a fair amount of traffic to my site over my posts about the Tmobile Wing. As I said, I love it. I mean it. There are some annoyances with it, but nothing out of the ordinary (compared with WinXP for example). I think I’ve done quite a lot with it.

Tonight, I succeeded in overclocking it to 260Mhz, (stock speed is 200Mhz). For me the difference is so much but I do like that the menus and the screen change / refresh happens more smoothly when you open the slider. I’ve gotten into turning off the WiFI and Bluetooth is if am not using it. The Comm Manager is pretty easy to access and use so I think that will help the battery life while it is being over clocked. And I say succeeded since when I first tried it, I was getting some weird blank screens and someone posted instructions for a manual install of the overclocking app and it worked great.

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finally, an update on the HTPC

Finally, it’s done, and with fantastic results.

If you’ve been following along, you might remember that I was trying to build a low-end, low cost HTPC for my brother-in-law so he could watch downloaded content from his PC on his TV.  We put Ubuntu and MythTV on a really old PC I had laying around and it was a pain in the ass.  We got to the point where we were going to have to spend some coin on a VGA – TV converter… for around $70 at the local Fry’s.

At this point, I told him to think about getting an original Xbox and putting XMBC on it.  That’s exactly what he did.  He found an Xbox on Craiglist, with games, for under $100.   This past weekend, we did a softmod on it and installed XBMC and had it up and running in less than 30 minutes.  He was thrilled and his wife was also happy that she could play her MP3’s on it.  There was much rejoicing  and then we kicked each other’s asses on the boxing game he got.

So, this had a happy ending and I must say the latest releases of XBMC are superb.  I think one would be hard pressed trying to find something as robust.   We even had international streaming IPTV in matter of minutes, (it took a little while to find the files).

Important Links:

We had found another website with a stream pack, but I can’t find it now.

Will my Tmobile Wing replace my iPod?

Actually, no, it won’t replace my iPod but it will see more time with me. If you’ve been reading along, I got a Tmobile Wing. I love it. I’ve been a Treo user, (from a 600 to a 650) and have been a Palm user since my first Palm V. So going to a Windows Mobile based phone is something different, but not so much so. In my other posts about my Mio c310x, you’ll see that the Mio runs Windows CE. Therefore, I already have some experience.

A couple of the things I like about my iPod is Podcasts and being able to listen to stuff in the car while in transit to and from work. Since my commute is roughly +/- 30 minutes, I typically take that time to listen to a language podcast or do some language lessons. If you’ve seen my other posts about that, you’ll learn that I am also trying to learn German.

But at my PC or my Mac at work, I love listening to live music. Live in the sense that I am listening to streaming music; Internet radio. There is some sort of connection I feel when I am listening to someone else “talking to me.” The iPod doesn’t let me have that connection that I get when I am listening to something online. I thought about getting the FM transmitter for my iPod but who the hell wants to listen to FM when I’ve been spoiled by satellite? *shudder*

I have also gotten into the habit of listening to German audio when I am in bed going to sleep. I’ve read about how the mind absorbs information and processes it while you sleep. I also read that listening to foreign languages often will subconsciously help you with word order and pronunciation. Could be snake oil, but what the heck. Since the iPod has a sleep timer, it was easy to set it to shut off after 30 minutes. But the lack of frequent updates of the Podcasts and the level I am at helped contribute to an amount of boredom with the content on my iPod. I started to listen to music and not practice my language skills.

Now, on the Wing, it has Windows Media Player on it. And I didn’t sign up for a data plan since it is WiFi enabled and I have at least two AP’s at any given time. I’ve found the data connection via WiFi to be more than satisfactory since many of the WAP or Mobile enabled sites I go to have way less ads on them so web browsing from the device is pretty good.

More importantly, WMP is great at streaming online content. I started off testing with my old standby’s and moved to the holy grail for me; 24 hour streaming German news. It works and it works well. I didn’t experience too much rebuffering and with the USB-style headset/headphones that came with the Wing, the audio was quite good.

I was really excited to go to bed, listening to “live” content and in German. It work so well. In fact, I dreamt that I was in Germany and was having a hard time understanding what people were saying. It was a great, lucid dream that I found very encouraging. One of the high points was that I was in the library and they were selling beer inside; what a great idea!

So, with the Wing, I have to say that I still like it. The only drawbacks I have encountered thus far is that it appears WM5 and WM6 are different enough that not all applications work or that I don’t know all the shortcuts yet. Being able to make SIP calls with my home Trixbox PBX is really slick.

No, the Wing will not replace my iPod… but I think for what each device does, they certainly compliment each other with what I want to do, and that results in a product that makes ME happy.

Streaming Online radio that makes me happy:

Mobile / WAP websites that make me happy:

Mind resources:

I’ll post more Wing/WM6 updates as I learn and come up with stuff.

cool beans

I saw I got a mention over at the Earthlink blog about my new Tmobile Wing. Now, I feel I am on the hook for delivering some decent content. Shouldn’t be a problem since I have a lot to say about my new Wing. In a Nutshell, I love it.

Now, I know here in the U.S we are about 10 years behind the rest of the world with cellular technology. We have no nationwide 3G network. However, my wife and I have been long-time Tmobile customers ever since we had a cell phone with Powertel. I saw the posting in November about Tmobile getting the huge FCC contract, which made little news here in the US but I think this is a pretty good thing for us Tmobile customers;

I’ll probably provide a more detailed review of the Wing but right now, I’m sort of riding high since I just made my first SIP call from the Wing, which is registering with my Trixbox here at home.

Tmobile now has a phone, which I believe at this point is only available in Seattle, that can make calls over WiFi or the GSM network. The Wing has a pretty robust WiFi setup so I was thinking how cool it would be to use SIP at home. I don’t really use Skype a whole lot so I haven’t tried it, (but it is on my list of things to do).  I’ll have to wait and see, but it appears that as long I am on my home WiFi setup, I can register via SIP to my SIP server and make and receive calls, (as long as I add my “extension” to the call hunt), via my Wing. I like that idea… it’s pretty cool, if you ask me.

If you are curious how I am making SIP calls from my Wing, I am using SJphone for Windows Mobile.  It’s free!

More to come…

My new Tmobile WING

Lucky you, you got two posts in a night!

So, I got me a Tmobile Wing.   Holy Smokes, I love this phone.  I currently have a Treo 650 from work and the Wing smokes it entirely.  I have encountered a bit of a learning curve due to the fact I am going from Palm OS to WM6, but hey… something new to learn.   I’m putting it through its paces.  Since my Mio c310x is Windows CE and this is Windows Mobile 6, I’m not entirely lost and that’s partially why I like this phone so much.

I am going to continue to play and learn about it, and then I’ll create a more detailed post.  But I love it, and it’s a great phone in my opinion.

i’d love to be your realtor!

Did you ever see those magnetic signs people have on their cars if they’re a Realtor? I have to laugh whenever I see one since I think of it like those huge inflatable gorillas or dinosaurs car dealers have:

Oh hey, that car dealer has a big inflatable gorilla… I think I’ll buy a car from them…

i’d love to be your realtor!

Anyways, I passed my Post License exam with what I think you’d call a “B.” I’ll take it. I took the class online and really enjoyed it. It was full of a good amount of real practical information that happens to be very applicable to my situation. So, yeah, I guess I’d love to be your Realtor. I’ll plug my broker:

I’m not on the website yet since I haven’t given them a picture yet.

I just wanted to post an update since I actually had a few people ask me about the follow up to this post:


Repair install XP without deinstalling IE7… wtf?

Okay, I am going to toot my own horn here, I think I figured out something NO ONE else has. I’ll explain that later, but suffice to say, I’m pretty jazzed right now.

Unbeknowst to me, and apparently MANY people who installed IE7 out there, aren’t aware that you MUST uninstall IE7 prior to doing a repair install on WinXP. This is truly a F*$&#d up thing. I didn’t know about it, did you? Now, don’t get me wrong. I consider myself to be a UNIX and OSX guy, but we do use WinXP at home since it is really fine for the family. I’ve never been one to jump on the “I hate Windows” bandwagon, since it works fine to me. In fact, when conducting interviews at work, one of the questions we ask is, “How do you feel about Windows and why?” I’ve made hiring decisions based on the applicants response. …  Okay, so I digress.

It’s true. If you need to do a repair installation of WinXP and you installed IE7, you must or should uninstall IE7 before you begin. I think it is a load of crap this isn’t made more public or in fact is an issue, but it is true:

Here’s my deal. Memorial Weekend, I bought a package deal from Fry’s for a CPU + Motherboard. What was attractive to me was that I can get a dual core Pentium and a Motherboard with and AGP slot for $80. Yes, I know everything is going to PCI-E, but last year I bought a killer AGP card that I’m not quite ready to give up. And I have a bunch of DDR memory (not DDR2). So, I went from an AMD XP2600+ (that was overclocked to a 3200+), to a Pentium D dual-core 2.8Ghz CPU. I get to use my old stuff and get the best of both worlds until I make the jump to a totally new system.

Surprisingly, after installing the new motherboard in my case, WinXP booted up and ran just fine. Usually, you have to do a repair install on a new motherboard, but for some reason, it didn’t which I found surprising since I went from a nforce chipset to a VIA chipset and to a AMD CPU to a Intel CPU.  However, we were getting random BSOD’s over some IRQ issue. I figured I should to my repair install of WinXP anyaway.

I got boned.

Check out Article 917964 from Microsoft:

Before you perform a repair installation of Microsoft Windows XP, you must uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 from the Windows XP-based computer. If you perform a repair installation of Windows XP when Internet Explorer 7 is still installed, Internet Explorer will not work after the repair is completed.

To resolve this issue, uninstall Internet Explorer 7 from the computer, and then install Internet Explorer 6. After Windows XP is repaired, you can reinstall Internet Explorer 7.

Thanks, Microsoft. I am usually okay with trying to figure this stuff out, but how the hell would I have known this? This is so utterly frustrating, I was losing sleep over this. I followed everything in this KB article to the letter and none of it worked.

Here’s what happened to me. I did my repair installation NOT KNOWING THIS and when it completed, I got the message that said something like;

This copy of windows is insecure. Click here to upgrade to Service Pack 2…

However, IE wasn’t working AT ALL. So when I tried to do Windows Update or Microsoft Update, nothing happened. If I clicked on the IE icon, I got some obscure error message about some dll not installed.

Thankfully, everything else seemed to work. I could use Firefox and Thunderbird. But Windows Update was borked. I wanted to upgrade to SP2, but couldn’t. I read via Google Groups/Dejanews that someone in my same boat tried to install SP2 manually and ended up with a super foo-barred WinXP that wouldn’t boot at all. Then my wife called to give me an earful that Office 2003 wasn’t working. Now, the stakes have been raised.

So, I thought I should go ahead and restore from backup. I use Acronis to back up my main drive to a 300GB drive. Thankfully, I did it a couple of days ago. However, in this state, my other drives couldn’t be reactivated. And I had other issues.

  • If I tried to install IE7 I got errors saying it was for the SP2 version of WinXP
  • If I tried to install IE6 it said a newer version was installed.
  • If I wend to “Add/Remove Programs” it was blank.
  • Office didn’t work

So I couldn’t restore from the back up if I wanted to. However, I knew I had the images so if the worst case scenario happened, I could restore.

So, the only solution I could find was to format and reinstall. I’d hate to do that since it will be a lot of work and my wife is already frustrated. I sure wish I could get to work.

The big issue was that IE7 was for systems already with SP2, (now bear in mind that I already tried to uninstall IE7 via the mentioned ways in the above referenced article). I was stuck between IE6 and IE7.

Then I found a article about slipstreaming the install with SP2.

  • Slipstreaming Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Create Bootable CD

Maybe this would work. I followed the instructions and guess what? It worked! I got back into WinXP and everything looked great. Now, I was encouraged!

So now I reinstalled/repaired installed WinXP WITH SP2! But it wasn’t perfect. Windows Update and Microsoft Update were still spewing errors so I couldn’t update. If I tried Windows Update, I was met with this error message:

You receive a 0x80245003 error when you attempt to install updates from the Windows Update Web site?

    It would say files weren’t registered and you can select either to try to register them or get more info. I tried many of the fixes that were found on Google and none of them worked. Here’s Microsoft’s Article 919749 that explains more info:


    loadTOCNode(1, \’symptoms\’);You cannot install updates by using the Microsoft Windows Update Web site, and you may receive an error message that resembles the following:

    Error number:0x80245003. Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page.

    The fix in that article did not work. This, however worked wonderfully. Here’s the link to this forum post:

    • Fix The 0x80245003 Error!!!!!

    Suggestion #2 got me going. I’ve just completed the rest of the updates since SP2’s release, so I think I am good to . After the first reboot, I had to repeat the above steps, but now everything looks okay after two additional IE7 updates.

    So, here’s a quick list of lessons learned:

    • Uninstall IE7 if you are going to do a repair install of WinXP
    • If you forget to uninstall IE7, your best best is to restore from back up and uninstall IE7.
    • Or make yourself a slipstreamed WinXP + SP2 installation disk.
    • Don’t forget searching DejaNews/Google Groups for useful info from the microsoft.* USENET newsgroups.

    I hope this helps.  Let me know how and if it worked for you and if you have any ideas or updates, let me know and I’ll try to keep this post updated.