i’d love to be your realtor!

Did you ever see those magnetic signs people have on their cars if they’re a Realtor? I have to laugh whenever I see one since I think of it like those huge inflatable gorillas or dinosaurs car dealers have:

Oh hey, that car dealer has a big inflatable gorilla… I think I’ll buy a car from them…

i’d love to be your realtor!

Anyways, I passed my Post License exam with what I think you’d call a “B.” I’ll take it. I took the class online and really enjoyed it. It was full of a good amount of real practical information that happens to be very applicable to my situation. So, yeah, I guess I’d love to be your Realtor. I’ll plug my broker:

I’m not on the website yet since I haven’t given them a picture yet.

I just wanted to post an update since I actually had a few people ask me about the follow up to this post: