about damn time… Google Calendar + Outlook Caledar = Sync’ed Calendar with T-Mobile Wing and WM6

It IS about damn time. Most of the traffic I get to my blog is surprisingly from my T-Mobile Wing phone. Well, I still love it and like WM6. One of my biggest headaches, has been the inability to sync our family calendar, which we keep in Google Calendar, and my phone which uses Outlook.

Me, I am a Thunderbird man and have been for a while. Except when I had my Mac, I used Mail.app, but otherwise I use Thunderbird, even on my Linux laptop. There have been a few third-party apps that claimed to sync your Google calendar with Outlook, but I found them to either cost money or simply just not work.

Evolution, the Outlook clone for Linux, at least has the option to subscribe to a Google calendar, but I hadn’t really tried to sync my phone up with my laptop, yet.

Everything changed last week when I saw that Google released “Google Calendar Sync.” I was so happy; I had to try it as soon as I could.

So I installed it and it went off and did its thing. So far so good. It isn’t perfect and some of my appointments are doubled, but hey… I can live with that for now. It sits in your systray and animated whenever it is updating. I like it and was pleasantly surprised when I got an alarm for my next appointment… from my phone and NOT SMS from Google.

So, I recommend you load it up and try it. Based on my experience from Google, it is only going to get better.

Is there anything Google can’t do?