i must conquer the fear of life

My title might sound somewhat philosophical but in realty, it’s the song I am listening to right now.  The title of the song is “The Risen Lord” by Will Oldham.  I’ve rated this song four stars in the past…

So where were we? Oh yeah… I haven’t posted in a long time.  I have been more busy than every since I am unemployed.  It’s been great and I feel super productive.   For the last two or three days, I had to rebuild our home PC.  I ended up buying a new motherboard, powersupply, and SATA DVD burner.  I can’t believe how cheap and powerful computer parts have become… even in the last year.  It’s nuts.   So now I have a rock solid and stable machine at home, and my wife is happy.   Okay, she’s not happy about how much I spent, but when I explained to her we spent way less than if we bought a new computer, she saw the logic and was cool about it.  *whew*

For those interested, here’s my shopping list:

I didn’t include my RAM.  You know what’s nuts? When I bought my Sony DVD burner, it was almost $150.  This Lite-On I bought is more faster and has more features and it cost $39.  Incredible.  I’m happy.  But I’m not too happy with the on-board video on the motherboard.  For now, it is a necessity since I had a hot-shot AGP card.  Now I need to find a deal on a PCI-E video card, then I’ll really be in business.   Oh, and everything is moving to SATA… so if you are thinking about buying a new motherboard to get an upgrade, make sure you have enough IDE ports on the new motherboard or move your data to SATA drives… hence my SATA dvd burner purchase.
So, tinkerin’ around with our computer took valuable time away from some other important things I have been working on.   (You know who you are), but now I am back on track.  I also ended up buying some bad RAM from a guy on Craigslist, (he says he didn’t know it was bad and promised to mail me a check back… I hope he does the right thing).   I manged to sneak my new new laptop RAM into my home computer purchase the other day.

Today, I got a bunch of stuff done so I feel pretty good.  I doubt you, the reader find any of this interesting, so I promise a more juicy, technical post later this week.

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  1. I can not find this song. Itunes only has one Will Oldham album but maybe its all under “palace” something. I looked at every album under the wikipedia link and still couldn’t find “The Risen Lord”. It sounds cool. In looking though I stumbled into “King Me”. Kelly Hogan covers that song and its a great one.

    Where does one find “The Risen Lord”?

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