invisible sandwich

One of my great enjoyments in life is going to and looking at the photoshop contests. They can be really funny. Typically, there will be a dry spell for a while that will only get me to chuckle a bit. Then there will be a contest that either makes me bust out laughing or there will be a couple of entries that make it a worthwhile read. Last night was one of those days.

Most the time, the summaries that people post for submitted headlines are really funny. I wish I was witty like that.

If you’ve been on the Internet for a while, you’ve probably seen those funny pictures of cats with captions like “in yur computer, steeln yur hertz.” I love those pictures, they crack me up. It could be that I am just a cat person but this is one of those little Internet things that helps make life a little less serious.

One thought on “invisible sandwich

  1. I never understood your fascination with this low brow entertainment. I like the last two. Kelly came in yelling at me to get to work just in the time it took to get through them, I told her to leave me alone I am eating my breakfast pizza.

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