big picture thinking

I fancy myself as one of those guys who can see the big picture, the end game, the whole enchilada.

Some call me crazy, or half-baked, but I’m usually more right than naught.

Anyways, I’ve found a killer artist/musician that I just can’t seem to get enough of; Wax Tailor

Wax Tailor is the alias of French trip hop/hip hop producer, Jean-Christophe Le Saoût[1] (born 19 July 1975 in Vernon, Eure). He started in 2004 with two EP‘s (Lost The Way and Que Sera / Where My Heart’s At). The first album Tales of the Forgotten Melodies he released in March 2005, mixing hip-hopdowntempotrip-hop with samples extracted from movies. This album became one of the best selling electronic releases of the year[citation needed]. The second album Hope & Sorrowreleased in April 2007. It was nominated for the French “Victoires de la Musique” and US Indie music award.

I think hip-hop is an understatement. Sure, his music has hip-hop elements, but listen to his songs, and imagine what goes into it. He samples quite a bit of audio from old movies and songs and adds many different audio tracks over the samplings.  That’s a real artist. He can take the various elements, put them together, and create something beautiful.

What strikes me about his music is that I think it is really complex. He’s not tossing random samples into a bucket, hoping they come out sounding good. I am pretty sure he has a seed or a kernel for each song he starts off with, and has some sort of vision to carry it through.

Check out this song. Listen and pay attention to the many levels you might hear.

I don’t know if he had a hand in making the video, but I think it is pretty good. What strikes me is that the samples he’s using, isn’t something he is creating, but something he took from other sources. In my opinion, (in trying to read other people’s code), that is exponentiationly harder than creating your own content.

This song is really cool. The video is really cool, and I actually think the singer takes away some of the limelight from the underlying work.

I didn’t like this song when I first heard it. But it did grow on me. I like this video, too. It creates a dream-like environment; notice how the girl’s mouth doesn’t necessarily moved with all the words.

I could go on, but I don’t think Youtube vids will give you all the songs that he’s got. If you are interested, he’s got his own Youtube Channel.

My point is, sometimes it is hard to see the end game, or the result. And my challenge is, I have a hard time of telling you about the journey there. Itt is a real skill or talent to see the various parts of something bigger, and I think Wax Tailor is a master at that. I like to think, I can do that, too… or at least think that I’d be able to learn how to do it.

I think I’m making progress.