My new Tmobile WING

Lucky you, you got two posts in a night!

So, I got me a Tmobile Wing.   Holy Smokes, I love this phone.  I currently have a Treo 650 from work and the Wing smokes it entirely.  I have encountered a bit of a learning curve due to the fact I am going from Palm OS to WM6, but hey… something new to learn.   I’m putting it through its paces.  Since my Mio c310x is Windows CE and this is Windows Mobile 6, I’m not entirely lost and that’s partially why I like this phone so much.

I am going to continue to play and learn about it, and then I’ll create a more detailed post.  But I love it, and it’s a great phone in my opinion.

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  1. By the way, if you can recommend a good FREE IM client for Windows Mobile, let me know. I haven’t found anything yet. The IM client that came on the WING uses SMS and I’d prefer something that uses the Internet/WiFi connection.

  2. I believe the WM6 that came with my Tmobile Wing purchased 2 weeks ago has built in MSN Messenger, Yahoo, ICQ, and AIM pre installed and can be connected to via WIFI which is how i have mine configured. Just make sure you have WIFI on when you sign in to these clients otherwise it will connect to GPRS if Wifi is not discovered. Hope this helps. Love this phone too. It was my alternative to the Iphone which is way overpriced.

  3. Thanks for the info. I think Windows Live / Messenger might really use the network, but I am pretty sure that the Yahoo, ICQ, and AIM chats use up your SMS’s. Better check!

    I agree. I like the Wing over the iPhone. Although I suspect the next “must-have” phone will be a close combination of each phone.

    Thanks again!

  4. DO NOT use the built in messenger. According to T-Mobile these are considered text messages and unless you have the unlimited text messaging you WILL be billed for reach IM sent and received.

  5. Hi Jeff,

    I’m considering the Wing but I have a question about the WiFi that I can’t seem to find an answer to anywhere. Do I have to use T-Mobile WiFi, (i.e. Hotspot) to use this device? My work and home are both WiFi enabled and I would definately use this for things like surfing, e-mail and such. I just wouldn’t use the Cell network for that.

    My question is, is the Wing WiFi locked to only allow use to the T-mobile network? I’m not talking about making IP based phone calls. I’m just talking about simple things like surfing, IM and email.

    Thanks for your help.


  6. Hey Bob!

    Thanks for the comments. The WiFi is NOT locked to T-Mobile. Like you, I use my wifi at home and at the office. Whenever you walk into an area that a wifi network exists, the Wing will pop up a message that says there is a wireless network available, and let you configure the connection. Then once it is configured, you don’t have to select it; the Wing keeps track of configured hotspots and will automatically choose whichever one has the best strength.

    It’s great and I do not subscribe to anything beyond the basic phone service. if you are going to use IM don’t use the built in one since it uses SMS to chat.


  7. Thanks Jeff!

    I was on the fence between an unlocked Treo 750 (w/out WiFi) and the Wing. You’ve definatley sealed the deal for me. I really appreciate your assistance.

    Thanks again,


  8. I just ordered the new T-Mobile Wing, I can’t wait until I get it, from what I hear it’s a great phone and I love the fact that is touch screen and also has the keypad.

  9. Just ordered two WINGS for myself and my wife — does anybody know if you NEED to have the “TMobile Internet” in order to access the internet? Just curious — it would be $30 for each of us for the service, which doubles the monthly fee…

  10. Hey Dave,

    Glad you found this helpful. You DO NOT need to pay for the extra service IF you have access to other hotspots. For example, I have WiFi at home and in the office. Once the phone is configured for those WAP’s, it will remember them and automatically use whatever network is sees. I use my phone all the time on the Internet just by using WiFi spots I use anyways.

    Now, if you want to access the Internet ANYWHERE, then you need the Tmobile access plan. However, you can sign up for the Blackberry plan if you log into your account on the Tmobile page and that’s $19.99/month OR some folks even sign up for the Tmobile Hotspot plan for $5.99 month, but then that’s a huge YMMV and again only works at Tmobile hotspots (if you ask me it’s too much trouble and doesn’t work in all markets).

    Good luck!

  11. okay I have a question, it sounds like you guys like the Wing over the Treo 700,, is that right?
    Has anyone ever gone from the Treo to the Wing? and which one is better?

  12. hey can i watch vids clips on my wing without downloading them.
    Is there a program for that if so, where do I get it…

    thanks send me a email with your replys

  13. will t-zones be effective for coverage and internet use.
    I only need t zones to use my Sony Ericcson on the internet and for all my features.

    paying no more than the $6 per month..

    any thoughts

  14. T-zones are only available at a hand full of locations, right? Starbucks, Kinko’s, etc. So as long as you are in range of a t-zone, you are good to go. I’ve had my Wing for three months now and still don’t see a need for a data plan since I am usually around a hot spot anyways.

  15. I have a question about the email features. What is the smallest time interval you can set on the email client to check for email (POP3)? Also, is there a limit on the number of POP3 accounts you can connect too?


  16. I have a question about the GPS; I just don’t get it. Is there something else that I have to purchase in order for it to work properly with Google Maps or any other GPS tracking software? Any help you could give would be fantastic!


  17. i have a question and t mobile was able to help me…how i can change the setting for the yahoo messanger?? the reason is because i have yahoo messanger and i try to use from my wing and when i try to connect is said”comunication error. please check u setting and try again” i try the connect in different place but is not happen…i can have any place hotmail messanger but the yahoo wish is the one i really use i can connect..tmobile said i have to talk to yahoo…please if u can help ….thanks

  18. I Have The Tmobile Wing And I Want To Know If I DOwnload The Aim Instant Messenger Program Will I Have To Pay For Each Message I Send Or Will It Count as A Text Message?

  19. Hi I was on google and I found this site. I need help with my wing. I have a WING but for some reason I cannot log on to MSN messenger. It says something about not having good signal and when I check I have as many bars as the phone can get. Any suggestions?

  20. Hey… I just got my Wing last nightand i LOVE it.. I’m late in the game… I went from a Razor (the old) to this…. I was trying to hit the ground running…. but that all came to a hault once i couldn’t even figure out the simple features… I have to read the book but I was wondering how to download music….

  21. I do have a T-Mobile Wing and am a little disappointed about the flash player plugin that doesnt seem to exist or the fact that you can not download game applications to the phone. If you use the Handango service to download software like Pocket Plus you will not be able to use your camera because there is not enough memory left to open it. Functionally the phone is perfect for what I use it for. I would like to see a memory upgrade and flash players become available soon.

  22. I got my Tmobile Wing today. I have wireless network setup in my home. My problem is that I am unable to connect Wing to this network although it shows up with all fivc bars in the list of available Wifi networks. Any clues ?

  23. I just got the wing, and its extra cool
    but im having trouble with some things

    setting up my wi-fi
    i dunno what sort of setup i need to get my wi-fi working. i bought the wing without the internet package because i knew that i could access wi-fi without it. but now i am sitting at home and i dunno how i should configure my wireless network, or how to configure the network authentication. it says that i have a good signal quality (if it gets way to complicated, you can just email me)
    hmm but that is probably covering everything having to do with wi-fi but i would GREATLY APPRECIATE some needed help

    after sending a text message…i hate that notification that pops up saying “message sent”
    is there anyway to get rid of that please!

    you could be saving a life…or a phone

  24. I am SERIOUSLY considering purchasing the Wing. I was thinking about it when it first came out but then I was told the Sidekick LX was coming out too. So I waited to get the Sidekick. HOWEVER, my Sidekick obsession has now deminished. It’s my 3rd one and there’s not much new and exciting about it. Has anyone made the Sidekick / Wing switch? Will I be happy with the Wing? I really need your HONEST opinion. Thanks

  25. Yo I love my new Wing, so far I’ve had no luck finding a Linux Distro compatible with it, if anyone knows what I’m talkin about post the link plzzzzz! Next feat is getting VNC on it, ive been stumbled with so many other modding projects atm that i havent had the chance.. I do know of They have a free remote service to sync with your home computers as far as controlling it… But im looking at wanting data transfer in between the two.. but ya any Linux leads would be grand

  26. Got a new wing but it doesn’t have the MSN Messenger, only AIM, Yahoo and ICQ. I have unlimited text messeges so using the built in messengers wont be an issue but i dont have the internet. Will the WI-FI work anyway? and 2 where can i download MSN from? I can’t seem to find any.


  27. Hi, I also have a wing. And I believe I can help. Unfortunately I can’t visit this page alot. I’m not online all the time. Just looking quickly over the posts.. you should be able to use the wifi without the internet (haven’t tested it). You don’t have to have the tmobile hotspots to use wifi. Usually MSN, AOL, Yahoo and the like have their own mobile versions of the messengers you can download from their webpage(s). I’ll post again with my email addy so you guys can email me and not fill up this guys page with questions.

  28. Jeff,

    I am about to make a purchase on the Wing. I read some comments here that they are having trouble configuring Wifi to home’s wifi.

    I need to know how to configure it or can it be configured without purchasing the data plans/hotspot plans?

    Send me an email ASAP as to how do u configure it?. I want to purchase it today

    Thankyou for this post!!

  29. I just bought a Wing and I’m trying to log on the internet via Wi Fi. When I select a network it asks for a network key.Where do I get that info from?

  30. thanks for the comments, everyone. Sana, i have had no problem getting my Wing up on a wifi nework. I have two AP’s at home and the Wing will automatically use which ever signal is stronger.

    Which goes to Darryl’s question. The network key should be configured on your wireless router or access point. Once you configure an access point on the Wing, the settings are stored (so you only have to enter them once).

    So Darryl, you need to read your wireless router or access point documentation. It works more or less just like any other wireless client.

    Good luck, everyone!

  31. Hi, I just recently got the new wing and i love it… but ive got one question that has been on my mind for a while now..

    I have downloaded an AIM software called webmessenger and was not sure whether it connected throught the wifi in my house or the edge network of tmobiles… it is seperate from the wing software.. soo (third party)

    much input would be greatly appreciated.

  32. I just got my T MOBILE wing and I think it is an awesome phone.Unfortunately, I am in the Bahamas and connecting to GPRS access points is a big problem and there are not so many available wifi hotspots.
    Can anyone kindly suggest how can I have constant and unlimited internet and GPS access on my phone and also let me know how much will be charged for this( e.g through connecting with T-Mobile)

  33. I have songs on my WIndows Media Player on my new Tmobile Wing, and was wondering if anyone knew if there is a way I can set a song as a ringtone? Also What are the settings supposed to be to access wifi? I am at college and get free wireless on my laptop, but cant access it from my phone. Anyone know how to help for either of these two questions? Please email me at

  34. hey angie, my name is also angie and about a week ago I switched from a sidekick 3 to the wing, the camera’s way better and has many things to toy around with. the internet is better, it has desktop, column, and fit to screen options.
    the touch screen is fun. the only thing i’m regretting is that the sk3 aim was cooler, I could put icons, custom away messages and such.

    so currently im trying to look for a better aim, but this is a very fun business-y phone.


  36. Is there a flash player available for the wing? I can’t view cetain websites (youtube). Can you help?

  37. ok for the sidekick wing switch… ur wasting ur time with the sidekick. I switched from a blackberry to a slide to a wing… by far in my opinion the wing beats them all…. and as for downloading music to ur wing… u can find whole songs and rintones and such at but u have to search for complete songs.

  38. Thanks everyone, for your comments. I should be more active here since you guys are driving most the traffic to my site.

    I see a lot of searches that end up here, with people trying to find the best way to get music on their Wing. It’s so easy, you’ll smack yourself in the head.

    First, you got to install ActiveSync from Microsoft (You’ll have to use the Markspace application if you are on a Mac or SyncCE if on Linux). Then simply plug in your Wing via USB to your Windows computer and set up a partnership. You can then set up a sync partnership in Windows Media Player and from there you are all set.

    Make sure you get a large micoSD card and you transfer your music to your card, not your Wing’s internal storage.

    Good luck.

  39. I have the tmobile wing….does anyone now and other good free mobile messenger besides octro, fringe, skype, alige???

    -thanx a billion

  40. While the phone touts as real web browsing. it does not have tcp-ip protocol, no Flash, no find function so you can’t search a webpage, and the typical Microsoftian non-descriptive error messages…Ubuntu users know what I mean.

    The more I use it the more flaws I find, but it does okay for craigslist and resumes…if you don’t mind a crippled version of Word.

    Word has only two fonts and I cannot embed images, use mail merge or do anything other than basic typewriter functions.

    I have twenty-seveb days left to return the item to the store. I don’t want to wait for a BSOD when hackers discover how to compromise this device.

    The device has already frozen once on the library wifi when I went to youtube. I had to waste time turning on then off the wifi switch even though the device said I was already connected.

    I can’t wait for a Ubuntu phone for humans.

  41. Hey u should look into it enables a youtube-like experienc on your windows mobile 6 device. its a free download with every youtube video on your phone

  42. I have some questions about the wing. For everyone that has one have you found anything wrong with it? And am i correct that it does have wifi? Because i would like either the dash or the wing. I have heard some bad reviews on the wing tho . .

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