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Before I begin, I would like to send some complaints to my friend Brown who not only helped me tune up my rear derailleur on my bike in preparation of this weeks Muddy Buddy, but he also gave me a bottle of wine he made several years ago; it’s excellent! This is only the second home-made wine I’ve had and this is indeed, a special treat.

I couldn’t resist the pun. I’m seeing a fair amount of traffic to my site over my posts about the Tmobile Wing. As I said, I love it. I mean it. There are some annoyances with it, but nothing out of the ordinary (compared with WinXP for example). I think I’ve done quite a lot with it.

Tonight, I succeeded in overclocking it to 260Mhz, (stock speed is 200Mhz). For me the difference is so much but I do like that the menus and the screen change / refresh happens more smoothly when you open the slider. I’ve gotten into turning off the WiFI and Bluetooth is if am not using it. The Comm Manager is pretty easy to access and use so I think that will help the battery life while it is being over clocked. And I say succeeded since when I first tried it, I was getting some weird blank screens and someone posted instructions for a manual install of the overclocking app and it worked great.

Also, using ActiveSync on the WinXP PC at home is great; rock solid and bullet proof. But on my Mac, syncing WM6 with Mac OSX isn’t quite there. I did get it to work and was able to import ALL my contacts from my Powerbook to my Wing. It took a fair amount of screwing around since I think my Mac might have some strange issues, (I got it from from an employee who left the company and I had to “break root” on it).

I use Thunderbird as my primary Mail app on the PC so I don’t care about using Outlook for email. However, the calendar and contact management is pretty good in Outlook. The address book I have today started out on my Palm V so between the original entries and Address Book on Mac, about 1/2 of my contacts are correctly within their group.

Via Outlook, I could fix all of that, and I did. Then Syncing back with my Powerbook, I was able to make my new organization contact list in a way to implement it with ease.

If you are on a Mac, you can try the demo/beta for free for 30 days or something:

  • The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile, v4.0 – Coming Soon!

I’ll post later with the App’s I’ve decided to user or offer.

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  1. Hey Cipher, Of course!

    Check out post #5 on this thread.

    “Battery Status” will allow you to overclock, but you first need to follow the directions found in this thread:

    Check out this thread: and look for post #4, and then post #27. This is exactly what I did.

    The overclocking is nice, but I think increasing the pagepool might be a “real” secret sauce:

    Good luck!

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