let’s try this htpc one more time

I was able to upgrade some of the original PC’s componets with junk I had laying around. I got a motherboard/cpu in the case, (if you were following along, the motherboard I was using had a bad secondary IDE port), so I am re-installing Ubuntu 6.10 on it. After that’s done, I’ll upgrade it to the latest, (I’m too lazy to download and burn yet another ISO), and I seem to remember reading that MythTV is now a standard package with Ubuntu 7.04.


So, it’s installing now, then the updates and the application install. It will be a weekend project.

My wife’s best friend is coming in into town this weekend so I’ll have plenty of time to jam on this thing and play around with it. I also need to remove a sound card from my desktop. My desktop has on board audio, (pretty nice audio), and I installed Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card I bought for my last PC. I love that card! When I bought it, it was one of the more advanced pieces of hardware I had bought. But, I also use a USB headset and with three sound devices, WinXP sometimes gets confused and it upsets my wife.

Since it will be and just the kids, I am planning on taking them fishing in our lake. We’ve gotten pretty good at catching sunfish and my son got up enough courage to touch a nightcrawler. We’ll go see my Mom, go fishing, and maybe a Cinco De Mayo block party. Before we go, I’ll have to get some provisions.

I also received my 4GB SD card I got from last week’s Woot-off. I had to go out and buy a USB2.0 Card reader since I didn’t have any devices that use SD cards that could format the entire 4GB. Microcenter had a sale on a USB2.0 reader for $12 so I picked it up this afternoon; it works great. So, I shoud have more Mio stuff in the upcoming week.