here comes the vacation

It is finally here.  We are leaving tomorrow to Florida to do Disney with the kids.  We’ve rented a condo with a pool and are going to share it with my brother and sister in law and their daughter.  It will be great.  As some of you know, my Mom had a massive stroke back in November.  She is doing much better but this will be the first time I’ve taken time off of work for more than a couple of days for our family.    Things are moving along for Mom and her recovery is certainly underway, but work and family life has also been stressful for both me and my wife.  So we really need this vacation.  We said goodbye to my Mom tonight and took her to Walmart one last time and we are just about ready to get the heck out of Dodge.

This has been on interesting week for me at work this week.  At the beginning of the week I was unsure and a little nerviuos, honestly.    But today, after a week of meetings and getting to know my new peers, I am totally jazzed.  I really feel like I belong and that I can really make a difference going forward.  I can’t really get into it just yet, but I think I am going to be very happy and productive.   I also see that I have a lot to learn but even so, that is very very exciting to me.  I love to learn and tinker, and I think I am in my zone.  Holy crap, that sounds pretty corny.  Whatever.

So, we will be using the Mio c310x I’ve been talking about.  One of the things I’ve been trying to get my noodle around is  with this nifty thing.  I tell you, the Mio is way more accurate and fast (getting a lock-on) then my older eTrex, and it just so happens that there are a dozen or so Geocaches within walking distance from my office.  But, even though the Mio has a “pedestrian” mode, there are additional tweaks I have found to make Geocaching easier or better or whatever you want to call it.    When I get back (or even when I am on vacation, Internet connection none withstanding),  I’ll post what I consider to be the optimized Geocaching mode for the Mio c310x.  Chat with you later.

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One thought on “here comes the vacation

  1. Well I am sure I have complained about Disney to you already but they sure have the relaxing vacation for the family figured out. I think it will be perfect for you right now and I hope you have a great time.

    What the heck is this picture of an what is that man doing there with the scuba people?

    I still haven’t had a chance to talk to you about your new position but it sure seems like it will be less stressful.

    I am on my first day of a week off with the family. Today I did a bunch of yard work and planting, started watching Ken Burns “Baseball” with the kids, went to the library and played ASL till 12:30PM.

    Have a great trip. Give us updates from the hotel.

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