cisco 7960 and trixbox

I’ve been able to borrow a brand spankin’ new Cisco 7960 SIP phone to play around with with my Trixbox server. This appears to be a really nice phone with a lot of features and a quality product. The phone seems to be pre-provisioned with my company’s settings and I am trying to figure out a way to “unlock” it to use with my Trixbox server.

I would consider this an advanced topic for myself since I don’t often get a chance to get my hands on cool hardware like this. The Trixbox server has some tftp files pre-installed but nothing really specific or the required provisioning files for my situation. The Cisco phone wants to phone home to the preconfigured tftp server. Sniffing the traffic and spoofing DNS is trivial but still a lot of work that I don’t need to do if I can figure out how to unlock this thing. I did find these links that appear to be useful, at least initially.

Obviously, I need to get into the details, but as I do, I’ll post my results.

2 thoughts on “cisco 7960 and trixbox

  1. Sounds like a fun challenge. I’ll be interested to hear how it goes. Are you building a test bed, or is the goal to mess around with the hardware itself and Trixbox?

  2. A little of both actually. The Trixbox PBX is really powerful and with my meager home setup, I’d like to see how it can work. I also would like to learn more about it in a practical business sense. For example, my sister-in-law runs a home based business and the people who work for her also work out of their homes, so a VoIP PBX could be a neat way for them to create a “virtual office” and allow them to be easily in contact with each other and their clients. Also, I just like to tinker around with it and see if I can build a better mouse trap. Thanks for the interest and I’ll be sure to keep the blog updated.

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