The Amazing Brain

As many of those close to me know, my Mom had a massive stroke back in November 06. The whole situation is really messed up since my Mom is pretty young at 59 years old. But in dealing with this and learning how the mind or brain works has been a very interesting ordeal. My Mom almost died and thankfully she is still around, but I never thought this would happen to her or I’d be in this situation where I have to be taking care of her.

During all of this, Time Magazine had an excellent issue that had a lot to do with the Mind;


Having dealing with someone who has “brain damage” and reading this article really makes a connection with my understanding of the whole situation. The Brain isn’t something that is hardwired or fixed, but a flexible, adaptable organ that can adapt to certain situations. For example, the neurosurgeon that saved my Mom’s life said that everything should regenerate within two years. That’s a pretty positive statement from a doctor.

This issue really made an impact on me.

I saw this tonight on Newsweek, but hadn’t had a chance to read it:

  • Unlocking Minds

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